Todd Wilson, PT, C-PS

Physical Therapist

''The thing I enjoy most about my work is making a difference in my patients’ lives. Not only do I help them with their physical needs, but also I learn from the older generation. The stories people share are amazing. It is a special thing to listen to someone’s experiences. It helps me grow as a therapist and a person.''

Todd graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with an Associate degree in Physical Therapist Assistance in 1996. After practicing as a Physical Therapist Assistant for many years, Todd earned a Master of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Findlay and joined APTS in 2007. His specialty areas of practice include general orthopaedic care as well as sports and running therapy. Todd has also completed Kinetacore training for Functional Dry Needling. Todd’s personal interests include vacationing with his wife and children, particularly traveling to the beach and mountains; running and general exercise; hiking, camping and tailgating at his alma mater’s football games.