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"APTS consistently provides care that focuses on patients' goals using clinically proven interventions that are delivered with compassion and care. You won't find a better physical therapy experience in the area - or beyond. "
Aug 19, 2019
"Hands down the BEST PT clinic in town. During your appointment, the physical therapist is dedicated to only you. The therapists are always well-informed about the most current treatment options. The support staff members are always friendly and professional. And, the clinic is in a nice, central location with easy parking."
Aug 14, 2019
"Had 3 major surgeries and afterwards physical therapy was needed. Could not have gone to a better group of therapist. All very professional, facilities are roomy and extra clean and very friendly (while they tortured you back to excellent health HaHa.. not really). By far , the BEST!!!"
Aug 14, 2019
"The very best place in fayetteville to come!"
Aug 13, 2019
"Staff is amazing and the facilities are well kept. Will definitely recommend to others. "
Aug 09, 2019

My name is Melissa Smith and I was informed that I have degenerative disc disease and 3 bulging discs in my lower back in 2005. I have been through various treatments including medications, injections, chiropractic, physical therapy and so on. I became a patient at Advanced Physical Therapy Solutions in April 2014. At that time I was in the middle of a weight loss journey that began a year previous. I had lost 84 pounds but was still having a great deal of pain due to the disc problems in my lower back and I was still relying on injections to relieve the pain. Through the efforts of Corinne Henderson and the other therapists here I have become much stronger and I have not had the need to have an injection in almost a year. I have joined the gym program they offer and I have seen the huge difference that being intentional about strengthening your body can make. Since being a patient here I have not had so little pain since before my problems arose in 2005. I would like to sincerely thank the team here for what they have done to help me feel healthier and stronger. The positive impact it has had on my life is great!

- Melissa Smith

My name is Karen Walker and I am a 46 year old extremely active adult, September 23, 2011, I was referred to Advanced Physical Therapy for an evaluation due to being diagnosed with a severe condition in my lower back and spine. I chose physical therapy because according to my doctors and specialist it was my last option for an attempt to regain my life prior to surgery.

The type of activities my life involved were camping, hiking, various sport activities as well. I slowly lost the ability to do all of these things prior to therapy. I am a mother and wife not to include a grandmother who enjoys playing actively with her grandchildren. My life as I saw it was coming to an end.

Upon my evaluation In September, I functioned at less than 60% mobility, classified at 60% disabled. As of November 29, 2011, my mobility is now 8% disabled. When looking at the scale from 100, I am now 92% functional!…Thank you! Ladies (therapists) at Advanced Physical Therapy. My life was over and you worked me hard, pushed me, taught me, expressed genuine concern for my well being and enabled me to regain my life. I will forever be grateful and my words truly can’t express what you and this facility have done for me. Thank you for the gift of my life through Physical Therapy!!!!!!!

– Karen Walker

“I have been going to PT at your facility since my rotator cuff surgery April 16. Several PTs have treated me; all were good; none was bad.

The best has been Michelle Spees. About three weeks ago we had a breakthrough on my gaining motion, and she has been instrumental in my steady progress ever since. She is focused and a true professional.

I have requested her for the remainder of my treatments; looks like she’ll be my PT until then.

Please recognize her excellence.”

– Walt Brinker

“My wife Donna and I were fortunate to be patients at your treatment center this year. We found your whole operation to be professional, friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, inspiring and consistent in treating our injuries. We are both responding well to the therapy we received.

In the last 18 months I have been treated by 2 neurosurgeons, 2 pain management physicians, two chiropractors, one acupuncturist, one cardiologist, two medical doctors, another physical therapist group and one herbalist. Each was able to mitigate my pain a little for a short time with drugs or exercise or combination of the two.

I would like to pass along a big thank you to Allison Kleiner, DPT, who has been my therapist for the last 8 weeks. This young lady has greatly helped to reduce my lower back and hamstring spasms that at times were awful. She was a pleasure to work with and always motivating. I believe that if I continue to follow her exercise instructions I will be better off with less pain on a daily basis than I have been in the last 18 months. Keep up the good work.”

A real satisfied patient,

– Steven J. Rigby

“I have been a patient at Advanced Physical Therapy Solutions for more than six years. In that time, Laura’s staff has grown from three therapists and three office workers to a large staff of more than 25. Every employee shows the same love and concern for patients that Laura does. Her therapists are professionally competent and personally caring. I am indebted to the orthopaedic surgeon who sent me to Advanced Physical Therapy Solutions after my knee replacements. Laura and her staff helped me regain my strength and stability. I have told friends who needed physical therapy about Laura’s knowledge and expertise. They have thanked me for the recommendation, because she makes therapy fun and successful.”

– Patricia Huske Schaefer