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"I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to he therapists I had he honor of knowing during my time at your facility. I would like also to express my appreciation especially to Morgan, Todd and Gidget, who patiently worked with me and taught me so very much about what I needed to do to help me get through the pain I started out with. At 88 years and quite set in my ways they had their work to do to change my ways and start changing my ways and get better. they worked me hard and achieved more results than I expected. Once again a thank you seems so inadequate compared to what they have done for me. They are all just the best. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of their instructions. THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!"
Jan 30, 2023
"This group of therapists and staff are Awesome!"
Dec 08, 2022
"At 65 years old I've had my share of physical therapy but I have to say this is the first time that I enjoy going to therapy and that the therapist are knowledgeable and explain it to where you can understand what it is you need to accomplish my therapist Gidget is so supportive and doesn't mind explaining it over and over again for me I appreciate and overall I appreciate everyone at advantage physical therapy you're the best ???"
Nov 28, 2022
"To the all the front office ladies, your kindness and concern are appreciated. When I arrive for my appointments, you always give a warm greeting with respect. Krista has been absolutely wonderful in working me to exhaustion that take away stiffness. Very professional in my sessions and always explaining my exercise and purpose. All my visits have been warm, caring and educational!! Allison has always been positive about my progress and room for improvement with a focused treatment plan. Gidget is very professional and always make my sessions fun, which helps in focusing on getting better instead of worse. Thank you everyone for your professionalism and kindness! "
Nov 27, 2022
"I had breast cancer in April 2021 and had a mastectomy on right side. This past July I had to have left side mastectomy. Gidget has been an amazing therapist helping me with my arm movement, swelling and lymph drainage. She makes you feel comfortable and genuinely cared for! I am blessed to have her helping me with my recovery."
Nov 24, 2022
"My therapists are so great and knowledgeable. Gidget takes the time to listen to my concern and approaches things at multiple levels to find the correct treatment designed especially for me. I am Thankful for having received great care from this facility. All the staff will be missed when my plan of care is completed!!"
Nov 23, 2022
"i actually enjoy coming to therapy, very inviting atmosphere from when you walk in till when you walk out. .I have 2 wonderful therapist that take care of me, lucky guy i am... Gidget and Marissa are great ladies and i'm confident they are going to get me to where i need to be. Thanks ladies for being so patient with me: You totally rock!!!"
Nov 22, 2022
"Gidget is a GREAT therapist. She has made me realize problems I didn't even know I had, given me techniques to help me and educated me with the whys and hows . She is definitely an asset to your practice AND my recovery. "
Nov 22, 2022
"My therapist, Gidget, is an excellent instructor. She is caring and very knowledgeable. "
Nov 21, 2022
"I am extremely impressed with Advanced Physical Therapy Solutions, especially my therapist, Mikalia Guard. She has been "spot on" with all the exercises and movements incorporated into my recovery plan. I highly recommend Advanced Physical Therapy Solutions. "
Nov 21, 2022
"Morgan your the best torture I mean PT person ever!!"
Nov 21, 2022
"Advanced physical therapy has to be the most effective therapy I have ever experienced. They have the most personable and professional therapist by the name of Hillary Lohr. This lady has taught me multiple exercises to aid in my recovery. I honestly think she is absolutely the most wonderful person I have had the opportunity to spend time with."
Sep 21, 2022
"April & Mackenzie have been SO helpful and understanding with my situation. They have been very accommodating, understanding and helpful with my therapy and my situation. Due to circumstances, I may have to pause or stop therapy, but it has nothing to do with the staff at the location off Raeford Rd."
Sep 12, 2022
"I was assigned Robert Moore as my physical therapist. He is extremely well qualified and in addition to the regular therapy, He was concerned about how my condition affected my daily life and helped me with that. I highly recommend him as a therapist."
Sep 05, 2022
"The Advanced Physical Therapy Team is fantastic. From check-in to the incredible staff. I went to Advanced Physical Therapy with the belief that surgery was a given; I am now significantly better, and surgery is not in my future. Ashley has been my therapist and she is nothing less than spectacular at her profession. She explains things clearly and completely, provides caring therapy and has provided me with the tools I need to continue to recover. Thank you!"
Aug 05, 2022
"I have been extremely pleased to have the opportunity for my son to be a client here. They work so well with him. It can be challenging finding the right provider to work with special needs teens and we’ve been lucky to have three in one clinic. They go above and beyond to make him feel welcome and motivated and they are professional, knowledgeable, and consistent with the level of expertise and compassion while providing a high level of care. They diligently and internationally improvise to meet the desired outcomes with my son and I think that speaks volume about strong their providers are and thorough at the work they do. I recommend them to everyone I speak to. Parents of children, older adults, rehabilitation I have observed it all - walking clients to their vehicles, providing support, kind words and welcoming staff. The level of dedication to their clients by each team member you encounter is unmatched by any other providers I’ve worked with in the area for the last 16 years. Thank you for being so wonderful! "
Apr 27, 2022
"I injured my back and was referred here. The entire staff was awesome. I never had to wait for appointments, always on time. I went to 12 appointments over 6 weeks and I am back to doing everything pre injury thanks to APTS. I would especially like to thank Allison and Gidget as they were my therapists. Ally was truly amazing diagnosing my pain issues and setting me up on a regiment that has me more aware of what I needed. I have met all my goals thanks to her ! Gidget was fabulous as well as she gently challenged me with the exercises I need to keep progressing and making me challenge myself. Thanks to both of these fine young ladies I am now pain free. I can't thank this place enough."
Dec 29, 2021
"Advanced Physical Therapy Solutions is a great place to get better. I have been going there for a few weeks and I love that office. The facility is clean and well organized, everybody there is very friendly and helpful. My therapist Casey is very professional, knowledgeable and super nice. I have also seen Neisha and I also enjoyed working with her a lot. Both ladies are excellent therapists. Working with them is so much fun. I am a TMJD patient living with this condition for 20+ years. I tried almost everything without results. For the first time in my life I feel like it’s helping! I am amazed with the results. I am looking forward to each and every appointment. "
Dec 22, 2021
"Gidget is the absolute best. She has been with me every step of the way throughout my breast cancer journey. I’m almost 6 years cancer free but she’s not getting rid of me. Love my time spent there . Thank you for allowing me to continue my lymphedema therapy at the best place In Fayetteville!"
Dec 01, 2021
"I was diagnosed with PSP, early this year. It was really hard finding a LSVT Big Certified PT . Well I have found the best trainers in Fayetteville, NC. Neisha and Morgan. I worked with Neisha the first few visits and the rest of my training have been with Morgan. I have to go 4 times a week and each day gets better. Morgan is so so awesome and shows a genuine concern for my health. I have shared with my family and friends that they need to request advanced physical therapy solutions if they ever needed PT. Even the ladies at the front desk makes you feel welcome when checking in and when leaving."
Nov 23, 2021
"Laura Schindler and her staff have created an atmosphere of positivity and healing at Advanced Physical Therapy Solutions. Whether it is dry needling or a variety of stretches and exercises, I know I am going to leave APTS with tools to help me feel better and make my body stronger. I am so thankful for them!"
Nov 23, 2021
"Michelle G has so far been a great addition to my post-op rehabilitation journey. With Michelle, you are not just a number. Your goals are Michelle's goals. Michelle personalizes each treatment plan to maximize individual achievement. This approach is rooted in experience, practice, and her understanding of each client's personal needs. Michelle is not only a therapist but a coach willing to assist in making your rehabilitation journey a success."
Nov 15, 2021
"Gidget made my first ever PT experience such a calmingly pleasant one. Her directions were clear and concise without being overbearing. Thank you, Gidget. D. C. Harris-McIntyre, Ph.D."
Nov 10, 2021
"Great place to go for therapy. Everyone very nice and helpful. They really care. "
Nov 04, 2021
"Michelle Spees has helped me through 2 shoulder surgeries and now a back injury. She is very knowledgeable and helpful. I will always come back to this clinic. I really like the one on one therapy."
Nov 02, 2021
"Highly recommend asking for Krista. She is amazing. I cannot tell you enough how great she is. She is knowledgeable, thorough, and very attentive. After nearly 30 years in the Army, multiple injuries and several surgeries I have had a lot of Physical Therapy. I can say without question Krista is the best PTA I have worked with. "
Nov 02, 2021
"I was reluctant about going to therapy again after going other places. APTS is the only place that I received one on one therapy that was planned out to meet my needs. ( Im still using my guide that I was given) The therapist as well as the staff were very friendly. I worked with several great therapist but mostly with Robert .He did an excellent job planning my activities and made sure I completed them in a very kind way. I would definitely recommend APTS to anyone who needed PT. "
Sep 17, 2021
"My doctor referred me to APTS to help alleviate knee pain due to arthritis. My physical therapist, Robert Moore, is the best. He has a most friendly personality and immediately put me at ease. He stayed with me from start to finish on every visit and directed age-appropriate exercises which definitely helped improve my strength and balance, as well as my confidence. I am now able to perform my daily tasks with much less pain. The facilities are well-equipped, spacious, and clean. All the staff and therapists are pleasant and capable. I will not hesitate to recommend APTS to anyone in need of wide varieties of therapy."
Sep 01, 2021
"I am being treated for dizziness, which is a challenge to Ms Kleiner due to my many other health issues. She is a very thorough clinician and extremely knowledgeable. "
May 09, 2021
"I was a patient here for over 10 weeks. If you want to feel better I would recommend APTS. The therapists here aren’t just physical therapists, they are more like counselors. The staff here are friendly and they listen. They don’t try to rush you out the door. They genuinely want to help you feel better. If I ever need PT again I will definitely go back to APTS. "
Feb 27, 2021
"Advanced Physical Therapy Solutions is an excellent provider of physical therapy! I received an initial 6 weeks of PT and then 4 additional weeks. The treatment I received truly made a difference for my back and overall condition! All the Therapists are excellent! Casey, Krista, Veronica, Sydney, and Kelly! They challenged me and taught me exercises to maintain my conditioning. They are genuinely concerned about your health and they will challenge you to regain your strength and flexibility. I looked forward to my therapy sessions, and I missed going to PT. Thank you APTS."
May 21, 2020
"APTS has the best therapists I have ever had. They are amazing people. There are several exercises I still use today to ensure my previous injuries do not occur again. I would recommend them to anyone that wants a quality therapist to help you get back into your normal routines"
Oct 02, 2019
"I've been going to APTSNC in Fayetteville, NC for about 3 months. Having had 3 major surgeries requiring rehabilitation, I have been to several different rehab locations. Advanced Physical Therapy is far and away the best I've been to. It is the only place I've been that gives one on one service the whole time you are there. I've never had a therapist there that I didn't enjoy working with. However, Krista and Evan have been particularly helpful to me. They wear me out but make it pleasant."
Sep 24, 2019
"Advanced Physical Therapy Solutions is such a wonderful place to “get back into life again!!” The therapists are extremely knowledgeable, understanding, & great about explaining the therapy plan with you. I have also learned more about my body & how to manage my issues after therapy has finished. I also love the Pilates & Yoga programs they offer to keep me healthy & strong! APTS is the best!!"
Aug 29, 2019
"I have been going to APTS for a few weeks and they have been great. The therapist are knowledgeable and work with you to find the best therapy and results for you situation. Staff very pleasant as well. "
Aug 29, 2019
"This place is awesome and has many great attributes for all different types of therapy. Evan is very nice and has great one on one care. "
Aug 28, 2019
"The facilities are well kept, with a variety of equipment. Laura has built a wonderful clinic over the years. The one-on-one care is unlike any other clinic around the area and all of the clinicians are extremely knowledgeable. I go to APTS for all my aches and pains. "
Aug 27, 2019
"I enjoyed each and every visit. The one on one care is ideal. The dry needling from Evan really helped relieve the pain in my hand. Best clinic in town! "
Aug 27, 2019
"Evan has really helped me get back to where I was before my fall. He has been a great therapist and I’m very grateful for all the therapists in the clinic. "
Aug 27, 2019
"Evan has been such a joy to work with and his manual therapy skills have relieved all of my pain! Highly recommend going to see him if you have any pain or lack of range of motion/strength!! "
Aug 27, 2019
"The services provided by APTS were second to none! Dr Evan Hair and all the staff were exceptional. Their one on one care made the process seemless! "
Aug 27, 2019
"This is a great facility with a friendly and caring staff. The care you receive here is second to none. Thanks Evan Hairr DPT for the constant motivation when I truly needed it!"
Aug 27, 2019
"Incredible physical therapists and good quality one on one care. "
Aug 27, 2019
"One on one care was very helpful. All workers were great to work with. Got a lot of help from Evan. Pleased with all aspects of visit. "
Aug 27, 2019
"APTS consistently provides care that focuses on patients' goals using clinically proven interventions that are delivered with compassion and care. You won't find a better physical therapy experience in the area - or beyond. "
Aug 19, 2019
"Hands down the BEST PT clinic in town. During your appointment, the physical therapist is dedicated to only you. The therapists are always well-informed about the most current treatment options. The support staff members are always friendly and professional. And, the clinic is in a nice, central location with easy parking."
Aug 14, 2019
"Had 3 major surgeries and afterwards physical therapy was needed. Could not have gone to a better group of therapist. All very professional, facilities are roomy and extra clean and very friendly (while they tortured you back to excellent health HaHa.. not really). By far , the BEST!!!"
Aug 14, 2019
"The very best place in fayetteville to come!"
Aug 13, 2019
"Staff is amazing and the facilities are well kept. Will definitely recommend to others. "
Aug 09, 2019

My name is Melissa Smith and I was informed that I have degenerative disc disease and 3 bulging discs in my lower back in 2005. I have been through various treatments including medications, injections, chiropractic, physical therapy and so on. I became a patient at Advanced Physical Therapy Solutions in April 2014. At that time I was in the middle of a weight loss journey that began a year previous. I had lost 84 pounds but was still having a great deal of pain due to the disc problems in my lower back and I was still relying on injections to relieve the pain. Through the efforts of Corinne Henderson and the other therapists here I have become much stronger and I have not had the need to have an injection in almost a year. I have joined the gym program they offer and I have seen the huge difference that being intentional about strengthening your body can make. Since being a patient here I have not had so little pain since before my problems arose in 2005. I would like to sincerely thank the team here for what they have done to help me feel healthier and stronger. The positive impact it has had on my life is great!

- Melissa Smith

My name is Karen Walker and I am a 46 year old extremely active adult, September 23, 2011, I was referred to Advanced Physical Therapy for an evaluation due to being diagnosed with a severe condition in my lower back and spine. I chose physical therapy because according to my doctors and specialist it was my last option for an attempt to regain my life prior to surgery.

The type of activities my life involved were camping, hiking, various sport activities as well. I slowly lost the ability to do all of these things prior to therapy. I am a mother and wife not to include a grandmother who enjoys playing actively with her grandchildren. My life as I saw it was coming to an end.

Upon my evaluation In September, I functioned at less than 60% mobility, classified at 60% disabled. As of November 29, 2011, my mobility is now 8% disabled. When looking at the scale from 100, I am now 92% functional!…Thank you! Ladies (therapists) at Advanced Physical Therapy. My life was over and you worked me hard, pushed me, taught me, expressed genuine concern for my well being and enabled me to regain my life. I will forever be grateful and my words truly can’t express what you and this facility have done for me. Thank you for the gift of my life through Physical Therapy!!!!!!!

– Karen Walker

“I have been going to PT at your facility since my rotator cuff surgery April 16. Several PTs have treated me; all were good; none was bad.

The best has been Michelle Spees. About three weeks ago we had a breakthrough on my gaining motion, and she has been instrumental in my steady progress ever since. She is focused and a true professional.

I have requested her for the remainder of my treatments; looks like she’ll be my PT until then.

Please recognize her excellence.”

– Walt Brinker

“My wife Donna and I were fortunate to be patients at your treatment center this year. We found your whole operation to be professional, friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, inspiring and consistent in treating our injuries. We are both responding well to the therapy we received.

In the last 18 months I have been treated by 2 neurosurgeons, 2 pain management physicians, two chiropractors, one acupuncturist, one cardiologist, two medical doctors, another physical therapist group and one herbalist. Each was able to mitigate my pain a little for a short time with drugs or exercise or combination of the two.

I would like to pass along a big thank you to Allison Kleiner, DPT, who has been my therapist for the last 8 weeks. This young lady has greatly helped to reduce my lower back and hamstring spasms that at times were awful. She was a pleasure to work with and always motivating. I believe that if I continue to follow her exercise instructions I will be better off with less pain on a daily basis than I have been in the last 18 months. Keep up the good work.”

A real satisfied patient,

– Steven J. Rigby

“I have been a patient at Advanced Physical Therapy Solutions for more than six years. In that time, Laura’s staff has grown from three therapists and three office workers to a large staff of more than 25. Every employee shows the same love and concern for patients that Laura does. Her therapists are professionally competent and personally caring. I am indebted to the orthopaedic surgeon who sent me to Advanced Physical Therapy Solutions after my knee replacements. Laura and her staff helped me regain my strength and stability. I have told friends who needed physical therapy about Laura’s knowledge and expertise. They have thanked me for the recommendation, because she makes therapy fun and successful.”

– Patricia Huske Schaefer