Exercise For Chronic Diseases

For people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, high cholesterol or obesity, Advanced Physical Therapy Solutions is a great place to get help with an individualized exercise prescription. Our prescription doesn’t come in a bottle; it comes with hands-on care, one patient at a time.

Has your physician told you to lose weight, improve your strength or exercise more to improve your health?

We understand the unique difficulties of getting started, and we can also keep you motivated and moving. If you’ve ever belonged to a regular gym or fitness club, you’ll immediately notice differences when you come to us. We provide comprehensive assessments, monitoring, interval re-evaluations and communication with your physician. Our therapists and fitness staff are empathetic, and our environment is supportive and non-judgmental.

In addition, our services are more affordable than an average personal trainer, and a Physical Therapy for Exercise Prescription is covered by many insurance plans. Contact our office today at (910) 423-5550 to get started on your personal plan to a healthier lifestyle.