“In 2009 I was referred to Advanced Physical Therapy Solutions by my doctor for physical therapy treatments as a result of a hip replacement. Although I realize the importance and necessity of this therapy, I proceeded to the treatment facility with a high degree of anxiety and concern – – – that concern diminished rapidly because it was there that I encountered a trained, professional staff and a facility equipped to deliver the highest and best therapy to patients that one could ever expect.”
 Jane Jernigan

“I have been a patient at Advanced Physical Therapy Solutions for more than six years. In that time, Laura?s staff has grown from three therapists and three office workers to a large staff of more than 25. Every employee shows the same love and concern for patients that Laura does. ..Her therapists are professionally competent and personally caring?I am indebted to the orthopaedic surgeon who sent me to Advanced Physical Therapy Solutions after my knee replacements. Laura and her staff helped me regain my strength and stability?I have told friends who needed physical therapy about Laura?s knowledge and expertise. They have thanked me for the recommendation, because she makes therapy fun and successful.”
– Patricia Huske Schaefer

“My wife Donna and I were fortunate to be patients at your treatment center this year. We found your whole operation to be professional, friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, inspiring and consistent in treating our injuries. We are both responding well to the therapy we received.

In the last 18 months I have been treated by 2 neurosurgeons, 2 pain management physicians, two chiropractors, one acupuncturist, one cardiologist, two medical doctors, another physical therapist group and one herbalist. Each was able to mitigate my pain a little for a short time with drugs or exercise or combination of the two.

I would like to pass along a big ?thank you? to Allison Kleiner, DPT, who has been my therapist for the last 8 weeks. This young lady has greatly helped to reduce my lower back and hamstring spasms that at times were awful. She was a pleasure to work with and always motivating. I believe that if I continue to follow her exercise instructions I will be better off with less pain on a daily basis than I have been in the last 18 months. Keep up the good work.”

A real satisfied patient,
– Steven J. Rigby

“I have been going to PT at your facility since my rotator cuff surgery April 16. Several PTs have treated me; all were good; none was bad.

The best has been Michelle Spees. About three weeks ago we had a breakthrough on my gaining motion, and she has been instrumental in my steady progress ever since. She is focused and a true professional.

I have requested her for the remainder of my treatments; looks like she?ll be my PT until then.

Please recognize her excellence.”

– Walt Brinker


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