LSVT BIG® – Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease


What is LSVT BIG®?

LSVT BIG® is a research-based, clinically-proven exercise program designed to improve movement for patients with Parkinson’s Disease. Benefits have also been seen for patients with Lewy Body Disease and other neurological disorders.

In LSVT BIG®, patients learn to use bigger movements to help compensate for the limitations caused by their disease. Patients report that the techniques help them gain:

  • Better walking quality including faster and bigger steps
  • Improved balance
  • More awareness of how to move normally and comfortably
  • More ease in completing daily activities
  • More confidence in their ability to keep moving and be active

What are the treatment components?

LSVT BIG® begins with an initial evaluation allowing the therapist to develop a plan to address each patient’s individual needs.

Treatment consists of:

  • Four one-on-one, high-intensity therapy sessions per week for four weeks
  • Daily homework
  • Daily carryover assignments

Following the four-week session, the therapist re-evaluates the patient’s progress and determines whether additional therapy sessions are needed. Patients are asked to return six months after discharge for another re-assessment focusing primarily on risk of falls and quality of walking.

How can patients get started with LSVT BIG®?

Therapists who utilize the LSVT BIG® treatment must complete a certification course. Neisha Wetzel, PT, DPT, at Advanced Physical Therapy Solutions has completed all training and requirements and is a certified LSVT BIG® therapist.

Call our office at (910) 423-5550 to schedule an appointment. LSVT BIG® is covered by most insurance plans including Medicare. Our staff will be happy to verify your plan’s coverage details.
Neisha Wetzel, PT, DPT, attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology followed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2008. Neisha is certified in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy of the Spine from the McKenzie Institute, as well as LSVT BIG® for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders.

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