Is Physical Therapy Your Solution?

Physical Therapy can help you improve your mobility and quality of life. Whether you’ve had an injury, illness, surgery or chronic medical condition, a Physical Therapist can use treatment techniques to promote your ability to move, reduce pain, restore function and prevent disability. 

Some of the conditions that our Physical Therapists treat are:

  • Neck and back pain, arthritis and repetitive strain injury
  • Sports injuries
  • Physical complications of cancer and its treatment
  • Incontinence
  • Mobility problems related to neurological disorders such as stroke, spinal cord injury or Parkinson’s disease
  • Pre- and post-natal problems and other women’s health conditions
  • Joint injuries and recovery from surgery
  • Respiratory and cardiac conditions

Physical Therapists are experts in the way the body moves, and can help you prevent future loss of mobility by transitioning from rehabilitation to fitness and wellness programs. The Physical Therapists at Advanced Physical Therapy Solutions consistently strive to remain ahead of the curve in knowledge and practice. We encourage you to get to know our APTS therapists, and take your first step forward to a healthy and active lifestyle. We’re making movement better, one patient at a time!

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